Fight Clubs






Fight Clubs are small, simple groups of 2-3 men or women who meet regularly to help one another defeat sin and grow in grace.

Recentering Your Discipleship

Ever feel like you are motivated more by duty than joy in following Jesus? Have you noticed a subtle cynicism or indifference in your faith? If so, you're probably falling into the trap of putting rules in the center of your relationship with God. Some of us like to keep the rules (Spiritual Peformance); others tend towards breaking the rules (Spiritual License). We all lean one direction or the other--towards breaking the rules or keeping them.  

God took the rules out of the middle when he gave us the gospel. The gospel of grace frees us from rule-keep and rule-breaking, releasing us into a grace-based relationship with God. At Austin City Life, we advocate this gospel-centered, not rule-centered, discipleship. Fight Clubs are a way to guide gospel-centered discipleship so we can nurture grace in community as we follow Jesus.

How to Start a Fight Club

Gospel-Centered Discipleship provides a theology and a strategy to fight sin as the church: small, gospel-centered, fighting communities called Fight Clubs. These communities are shaped by three rules: 1) Know your Sin 2) Fight your Sin 3) Trust your Savior. Read or a series of free articles to find out more:

Here are a few guidelines for starting a Fight Club.

Choose Partners

Fight Clubs are relationally driven, so pick people you can trust. Start by checking with people in your City Group. Establish an agreed upon level of confidentiality within your group. Make a commitment to one another. Fight Clubs of uncommitted people simply don’t promote gospel-centered fighting. Don't wait around to get started; you're missing God's grace! 

If you need some help getting connected to a Fight Club, fill out our connection form and we will try to help connect you with other people!

Read the Book

People who don’t read the book, especially chapters 2 through 5, don’t fight well. They end up bullies who promote legalism or wimps who promote license. Reading the book will get you on the same gospel page, so you can fight sin the way God wants us to! We recommend discussing portions of the book in your first meeting, especially chapters 3 and 5.

Set a Regular Meeting Time

One of the first things you should do is sync your calendars for a regular meeting time.If you don’t schedule a regular meeting time, you won’t meet regularly. Meet once a week or every other week. Allow at least an hour.